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Hydrogen sulfide sampling bottle

CRESY-CGC01 closed sampler

TPY LPG sampling cylinder

TQA liquid ammonia sampler

CRES-ZX online sampler

TQC full layer sampler

TQD bottom sampler

TQH disc valve sampler

TQBJ weighting sampler

TQX detachable sampler

TZBD cloth bag sampling probe

TTZG-I with bottle type sampling probe

TZBB Blended Fertilizer (BB Fertilizer) Sampling Probe

TFB cross split template

TQQD pneumatic sampling probe

Hydrogen sulfide sampling bottle

TYYQ liquid oxygen sampler

TQYQ liquefied petroleum gas sampling bottle

TWT LPG pressure reducing valve

TJK-Ⅰ button quick connector

TC-Y plexiglass water collector

TKG capping water sampler

C-S stainless steel water sampler

TL stainless steel sampling cage

TDJ transparency meter

TSDT copper corrosion test bomb

TLB stainless steel round bottom distillation flask

TLDT vapor pressure test projectile

TS standard corrosion test piece

TS-FD antifreeze (cooling) corrosion test set

Automatic vessel cleaning machine (self drying)

Automatic vessel cleaning machine (desktop)

Automatic vessel cleaning machine

Full automatic dish cleaning machine

Full automatic dish cleaning machine

Fushun Keris Instrument Co., Ltd. has high precision manufacturing and testing equipment
Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, education, environmental protection, health, scientific research and other industries.
Petroleum products analysis instrument accessories
Liquid petroleum product sampler

Based on the principle of honesty, cooperation and mutual benefit, the company set out to establish a product sales system based on regional agents and supplemented by direct sales.

Qualification certificate

Qualification certificate

Automatic Susheng apparatus
Plexiglass layered barrel deep water sampler
Glycerin sampling tube provided by Fushun Keris
Instruction manual of online sampler
Copper corrosion of cylinder in LPG
Advantages of PTFE material

Closed sampler cresq-cgc01

Closed sampler cresq-cgq01

Closed sampler cresq-cjq01

Closed sampling system cresq-cgcx01

Closed sampler cresy-t01

Closed sampler

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