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Advantages of PTFE material

Advantages of PTFE material

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an ideal material for making experimental vessels

1. Corrosion resistance: all utensils stored for a long time will not be corroded by sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, bromic acid and various organic solvents which have been purified for many times.     2. High temperature resistance: it can work for a long time from + 260 ℃ to - 180 ℃;     3. Non adhesion: it has a "super smooth" surface, which makes it impossible for these excellent laboratory products to "adhere" to any substance without pollution. The bottom of the beaker is precisely designed to ensure good heat transfer on the electric furnace. Each beaker has a built-in convenient filling port to minimize the chance of dripping or spilling. The beaker is made of pure PTFE, which forms a highly inert material and can be used in almost any situation. The high smooth internal surface means that no substance will adhere.    4. Ultra purity: polytetrafluoroethylene will not release any ions that affect the accuracy of the test, which ensures the scientificity of the analysis.     5. No toxicity: it has physiological inertia, can be implanted into human body, and is harmless to human body;     6. In the experiment, anyone may break the beaker or flask by mistake, which makes the dangerous liquid pollute the whole experimental area. But if the PTFE container falls to the ground, it will not be broken. Although the container will not break, but the liquid inside will leak, which at least can avoid the splash of glass fragments.

Therefore, we think that the crushing resistance is also a major advantage of PTFE material, which is not easy to damage, greatly improves the service life, and is more economical than glass products for long-term use.

The excellent performance of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) experimental vessels is mainly guaranteed by the following links:

1. High quality brand new material, if the quality of raw material is poor, the physical properties, chemical properties and purity of the beaker will be greatly reduced. The service life of the Teflon beaker made by adding even completely recycled materials will be shortened, and it will contain impurities. The error of the analysis results will be expanded, and it will also infringe on the interests of users.

2. Excellent mold design, mold design and manufacturing is not good, the product is easy to produce microcracks, the product is easy to break, and there are hidden dangers of leakage.

3. Scientific pre forming technology, some units, without the corresponding processing equipment, adopt the way of local method, resulting in loose preforms, poor performance, easy to break, and poor appearance of products.

4. Scientific sintering process. The sintering of polytetrafluoroethylene follows certain rules. Some units can not keep the temperature at the point of heat preservation, and stop heating if the temperature is not reached. In this way, although manufacturers save energy, they provide users with unburned green billets. This kind of product is easier to break.