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Instruction manual of online sampler

Instruction manual of online sampler

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1、 Overview

Cres-zx sampler is designed and manufactured with reference to UOP technology. It is suitable for non leakage sampling of various media in the pipeline under process conditions, especially toxic, flammable, explosive and other hazardous medium and low pressure gas and liquid media in petroleum and chemical plants. Sample authenticity, high accuracy, no residual liquid, residual gas emissions, effectively prevent toxic, harmful media on the operator's injury. At the same time, it will not pollute the environment and avoid the dangerous accidents caused by flammable and explosive media during sampling. In line with the national requirements for environmental protection, fire prevention and explosion protection. The main material of the sampler is 304 or 316L, which is elegant and gorgeous.

Cres-zx on-line sampler is mainly composed of emergency valve, driving screw, valve body, screw bracket, handle, plunger, liquid outlet pipe, sealing component and connecting flange. Because the plunger runs through the valve body and the connecting flange, the residual liquid (gas) is not discharged during each sampling, and the factors of condensation and blockage are eliminated.

2、 Precautions

The emergency valve of cres-zx on-line sampler is normally open. If it is forced to close, it will cause irreparable damage to the sampler.

When the sampling valve needs maintenance, such as replacement of seals, couplings, etc., the emergency valve can only be closed when all the handles of the sampling valve are out.

3、 Installation

Cres-zx online sampler is directly welded with pipeline or connected with flange.

When welding, remove the upper cover of the valve and fix it firmly after welding

4、 Use

1. Align the bottle mouth of the sample storage bottle with the liquid outlet of the sampling valve. If the medium is gas, connect the 8 mm diameter hose to the liquid outlet of the sampler to prevent medium leakage.

2. Slowly rotate the sampling valve handle counterclockwise until the medium flows out of the liquid outlet (do not move the handle quickly, otherwise the medium will splash on the operator, causing unnecessary injury)

3. After enough samples are collected, immediately rotate the sampling valve handle clockwise until all the screw rods are screwed in.

4. The sampling valve with cooler is connected with coolant before sampling (the coolant temperature must be higher than the medium freezing point temperature).