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Glycerin sampling tube provided by Fushun Keris

Glycerin sampling tube provided by Fushun Keris

Technical Support
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The glycerin sampling tube conforms to the national standard GB / t13216 "glycerin test methods - sampling method for bottled glycerin", which is applicable to the Refined Glycerin without solid precipitation or suspended solids in the barrel, and also applicable to the bottled Refined Glycerin that can return to its original state after being frozen and heated.

Product features

1. Liquid glycerin sampling.

2. Convenient and fast.

3. Clean and sanitary.

4. Easy to clean.

Operation steps

1. Clean and dry the glycerin sampling tube before sampling.

2. Use the slot in the closed position and insert it into the specified position in the barrel glycerin.

3. Rotate the inner tube to open the notch, glycerin enters into the sampling tube, and the sampling tube is drawn out after the slot is closed.

4. Rotate the inner tube to make the pointer in the empty position, and transfer the sample to complete a sampling process.

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