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Plexiglass layered barrel deep water sampler

Plexiglass layered barrel deep water sampler

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Product introduction

The plexiglass layered bucket deep-water sampler is a special water sampler for environmental protection and water treatment industry. It is not only suitable for the collection of aquatic biological samples (except bacterial indicators and oils), but also suitable for the collection of water quality samples and phytoplankton. It is in line with the technical specification of the national "water and wastewater monitoring and analysis method". The temperature range is 0-50 ℃, and the temperature can be read directly after the water sample is collected. For the flowing water sample collection, the water sampler with counterweight can be used.

Specifications: 1000ml, 2500ml, 5000ML.

Product features

(1) It is composed of organic glass, colorless and transparent. It is convenient to collect water samples in the required depth.

(2) All kinds of special field sampling, environmental monitoring, water treatment, liquid sampling and environmental water sampling can be used for stratified sampling at different depths. It is easy to carry and suitable for places without power supply.

(3) The calibration sampling rope is easy to use and the position of water sample collection is accurate.

(4) Easy to observe the temperature, temperature range 0 ~ 50 ℃.

(5) The volume of water can be read directly from the barrel.