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CRES-QX series glassware cleaning machine

CRES-QX series glassware cleaning machine

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Use   Way

Cres-qx series glassware cleaning machine can clean, disinfect and dry common laboratory utensils (measuring bottle, chromatographic automatic sampling bottle, conical bottle, beaker, colorimetric tube, test tube, pipette, reagent bottle, round bottom flask, measuring cylinder, culture dish, etc.).

Special   spot

1、 Efficient cleaning system

1. Equipped with imported high temperature stainless steel circulating pump, high temperature and corrosion resistance, high pressure of cleaning water;

2. The built-in micro peristaltic pump ensures the automatic and accurate addition of cleaning solution, neutralization solution and other additives; Equipped with drainage pump to speed up the drainage speed and shorten the overall operation time;

3. Rotating spray arms are installed at the top and bottom of the spray arm, and the spray arm has optimized nozzle arrangement to realize cleaning and drying without dead angle;

4. The pipeline self-cleaning program is set to clean the pipeline system and cleaning cabin regularly;

5. The cleaning chamber adopts the side water inlet mode to supply water to the cleaning rack, so as to reduce the water pressure loss and ensure the cleaning effect of utensils.

2、 Fast drying system

1. Twins system, independent air heater and high efficiency circulating fan are adopted to improve the drying efficiency of utensils. The drying temperature is controlled from room temperature to 120 ℃;

2. The filtration efficiency is 99.99% HEPA high efficiency air filter, which can filter the air entering the drying system efficiently to avoid secondary air pollution of cleaning articles.

3. The hot air is dried through the nozzles of the top and bottom spray arms and the nozzles of the cleaning rack to ensure fast drying of the interior and exterior of the glassware.

3、 Professional structural design

1. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant; 2. Two way water source inlet design; 3. The water seal design of drainage pipeline can prevent the sewage from countercurrent;

4. The door is made of transparent vacuum tempered glass, which is sound insulation and noise reduction, and it is convenient for users to observe the operation of the cabin in real time.

4、 Humanized control system

1. PLC control system, better performance than the circuit board control, more stable and reliable, no electromagnetic interference;

2. The man-machine interface adopts 7-inch color LCD and touch screen control, with reliable performance and convenient operation;

3. The dual temperature control of water temperature and air temperature ensures the temperature of cleaning, disinfection and drying, and the Ao value of disinfection temperature is displayed in real time;

4. Automatic fault diagnosis function, screen text display fault information, and sound alarm;

5. The control system adopts three-level password control, which is suitable for different levels of managers to set and manage parameters.

5、 Intimate safety protection

1. The two-point lock mechanism makes the sealing of the door more reliable and prevents the overflow of water and steam;

2. The door body is designed with electronic safety lock to prevent accidental opening of the door body in the process of cleaning and drying, resulting in personal injury;

3. The equipment is equipped with emergency switch to ensure power failure in emergency.

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