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TKG capping water sampler

TKG capping water sampler

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The clamp cap type water sampler is a special water sampler for environmental protection and water treatment industry, which is suitable for collecting water samples of any depth in rivers, lakes, oceans, rivers, aquaculture farms and ports. It can be used for environmental pollution investigation and pollution monitoring, and also for routine water quality analysis sampling.

Other environmental protection, water treatment industry special water sampler: plexiglass water sampler, water quality sampling cage (Japan), card cover type water sampler (horizontal or horizontal type water sampler), dissolved oxygen water sampler, etc.

Product features

(1) with open - closed function.

(2) Sampling can be done at any depth.

(3) ideal sealing performance

Directions for use

1. Before use, check whether the shrapnel is closed and whether the rope is broken, and hang the double-end card cover hook on the shrapnel card lock. Note: keep both ends of the card cover and the handle in the same plane to ensure that the water collector does not tilt, so that the heavy thallium can successfully break the card lock.

2. Place the sampler in the water. When the sampler touches the water surface, the water runs through the bottle all the time. Note: do not hit the ship, rocks and other objects during the falling process of the water sampler to avoid damage!

3. When transferring the water sample, pay attention to keep the water sampler level, and open the exhaust pipe water clamp.

4. Dry the water collector and store it in the toolbox for later use.

Material: Plexiglas

Specifications: 2500ml, 5000ml

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