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TQA liquid ammonia sampler

TQA liquid ammonia sampler

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The liquid ammonia sampler conforms to the national standard gb8570.1-88 "taking of laboratory samples of liquid anhydrous ammonia", and is suitable for taking representative laboratory samples of liquid anhydrous ammonia (liquid ammonia) from steel cylinders, tank cars or storage tanks.

Product features:

1. Using constant pressure head and interference fit hot assembly process, the inner hole is positioned completely during processing to ensure uniform wall thickness of sampler,

2. Higher tensile strength and better safety performance.

3. Full penetration argon arc welding makes the sample leak free.

4. The sampler is equipped with screws, which is easy to clean after removal and can remove residual liquid.

Sampling preparation:

1. At room temperature, open needle valves a and B, connect the sampler with the connecting pipe, and purge the installed sampling device with dry nitrogen (gb3864-83).

2. Move the sampling device into the 105 ~ 110 ℃ constant temperature drying oven, and continue to purge with dry nitrogen for at least 30 minutes through the inlet pipe connected with the connecting pipe and through the wall hole of the constant temperature drying oven.

3. Close the needle valve a, remove the sampler, connect the vacuum pump to the outlet valve B, vacuum until the pressure in the sampler reaches 100Pa or lower, and keep the pressure for not less than 30 minutes.

4. Close needle valve B and cool the sampler.

5. Weigh the air sampler on the balance to 1g.

Technical parameters:

1. Material: stainless steel

2. Specification: 1000ml, 1500ml

3. Working pressure: 4MPa

4. Withstand voltage: 6Mpa

5. Applicable medium: liquid anhydrous ammonia

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