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CRESY-CGC01 closed sampler

CRESY-CGC01 closed sampler

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The closed sampler is based on SH0233-92 "Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sampling Method". It is suitable for sampling all kinds of toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive and other dangerous medium and low pressure gas and liquid in petrochemical plant. The authenticity of sample collection is strong, no residual liquid, residual gas emission, effectively prevent the damage of toxic and harmful media to users, but also avoid environmental pollution, as well as inflammable and explosive media in the sampling may cause dangerous accidents.

Product composition and characteristics:

1. Based on the linear sampler, it is composed of case body, valve fittings, sampling cylinder/closed sampling cylinder, flange, pressure gauge and other components.

2. The box material is 304/316 stainless steel, there are two forms of box type and panel type, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, exquisite appearance. Quick connection is adopted between sampling bottle and process pipeline, with humanized design, reasonable layout and simple and convenient operation.

3. There are two kinds of sampling bottles: glass bottles (ordinary open bottles & closed pressure bottles) and stainless steel sampling cylinders.

4. The sampling process is equipped with an empty outlet to discharge the residual media in the line, so that the sample can be authentic and accurate, safe and environmentally friendly.

5. Sampling of high temperature (low temperature) medium requires cooling (heating) to about 20℃ at room temperature. The closed sampler can be equipped with cooling (heating) system.

6. Equipped with sampling cylinder for one time spinning molding, no welding defects, smooth inner wall corrosion resistance.

7. According to the different physical and chemical properties of the medium, users can choose to add various functions to ensure the efficient, accurate and safe sampling process.

Closed sampler characteristics

1. Safe operation -- no leakage sampling and sealed connection. The sampling medium can either be recycled back into the process or discharged into the torch system. Can avoid all kinds of toxic, harmful gas, liquid damage to the operator. Do not pollute the environment, prevent flammable, explosive medium in the sampling caused by dangerous accidents

2. Easy sampling -- double self-sealing quick joint is used between sampling cylinder and process pipe, which is simple, rapid and convenient to operate.

3. Accurate sampling -- strong sampling representativeness in the process of medium flow, and high accuracy in the direct sampling under process operating conditions.

4, simple installation - using box installation, flange connection, can be directly connected with the process pipeline.

Technical parameters of the closed sampler:

Scope of application: suitable for all physical and chemical properties of liquid, gas, liquefied gas and mixed gas liquid medium sampling.

Sampling temperature: -20 ~ 450℃

Design pressure: 0 ~ 20.0Mpa (in order to ensure the sample circulation, the sampling inlet/outlet pressure difference is greater than 0.01Mpa)

Sample volume: 250ml or 500ml

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