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Copper corrosion of cylinder in LPG

Copper corrosion of cylinder in LPG

Technical Support
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1、 Product introduction

The corrosion cylinder of LPG copper sheet meets the industry standard of sh/t0232-92 corrosion test method for copper sheet of LPG. Stainless steel, 160ml. It is composed of cylinder and needle valve.

2、 Technical indicators

1. withstand voltage: 7MPa

2. material: stainless steel

3. volume: 160ml.

3、 Instructions for use

1. open the bottom valve B of the cylinder, inject about 1ml of distilled water into the clean cylinder, and rotate it to wet the wall of the cylinder, so that the residual liquid can be discharged from valve B.

2. clamp the newly polished copper piece with tweezers, hang it on the hook of the cylinder immediately and put it in the cylinder (at this time, the cylinder shall be vertical). Ensure that the bottom edge of copper sheet is at least 6mm away from the bottom of the cylinder during assembly. Close the a valve and B valve after the instrument is assembled.

3. keep the cylinder vertical so that the copper sheet is not wet by water. Connect the sample source and cylinder a valve tightly with the connecting hose and its accessories washed by the sample. First open the valve on the sample source, then open the a valve on the cylinder to make some samples enter the cylinder.

4. close valve a, and do not make the cylinder separate from the sample source. Turn the cylinder upside down and open valve B to clear the air from the cylinder and close the B valve. Turn the cylinder back to the vertical position, open the B valve to discharge all the residual liquid. Close valve B immediately in vertical position, open a valve sample to fill cylinder. When the cylinder is full, close valve a of the sample source and remove the connecting hose.

5. when the connecting hose is just removed and the cylinder is in the upright position, open valve a slightly immediately to remove the liquid higher than the end of the immersed pipe from the cylinder. When the discharged liquid becomes a gas, close valve a.

6. immerse the cylinder immediately to 40 ℃ ± In a constant temperature water bath at 0.5 ℃, place the cylinder in the water bath for 1 hour ± 5min。

7. at the end of the test, take out the cylinder from the water bath, and open the B valve in the upright position to discharge the liquid and most of the gas. Remove the device and immediately remove the copper sheet and compare it with the corrosion standard color plate.

4、 Other accessories in the standard (the order shall be indicated in the contract, and the price shall be calculated separately. If not specified in the contract, it is not equipped)

1. copper plate polishing fixture

The product is developed on the basis of similar products abroad. It is made of organic glass, which plays a role of clamping when grinding copper sheet and does not damage the edge of copper sheet. 5 copper pieces can be clamped at the same time. It has the advantages of beautiful, convenient use, light weight and so on.

2. copper sheet

Size 75 × twelve point five × 1.5-3mm, purity is more than 99.9%.

3. copper corrosion standard color plate

All are imported from original.